Friday, 30 December 2011

The Verdict , people !

With multiple jobs per month , more than 200 hantaran decorations , countless sleepless nights , colors of multiple themes , wedding bouquet , this is the end of 2011 .
Thanks Allah because I have fulfilled all of commitment and promises to all of my client. And I am terribly sorry if there's any of my design which did not meet any of the requirements . I am only human.

But hey , cut the story short , here's the testimonial for 2011!! =D

“Kak  Zana , cantik la”_Yanie +Eddiey
“tq kak , cantik sangat “_Nida
“Zana , tq for the hantaran , minimalist but elegant ! “ _Puan Noraida
Tq Zana , hantaran  tu cantik”_ Dr Fatimah
Cantik la kak Zana buat hantaran ni ! “ Aiza+Naza
Tq Zana ,  sweet”_Hanida
Everybody said it was beautiful, thank you” _Afiq+Athirah
Gorgeous!” _Mazlyn
Preety!!”_Nadiah Azmi
“Kami tak sangka cantik camni” _ Mazlyn+Azhari
Hand bouquet sangat cantik , terima kasih”_ Mazlyn
kak Zana!! Cantik sangat ! “_Ayu+Razif
“kak Zana , ramai yang puji cantik , thanks ye”_Remy+Suraya
Sweet ! Cantik ! “_Remy’s mom
“Zana !! Hantaran  kami cantik sangat !! puas hati ! “_Shikin+Zainal

Sooooo.... you still in the midst of considering? =D

Friday, 23 December 2011

Shikin+Zainal , Desa Petaling

This is the last one for 2011 . And the best thing is she worked at my former working place . =D heheh. We didn't meet up till she pass me the hantaran item .Such a cute couple . Have a nice chat with them the other night.

Since both were using artificial flower , I wanted it to be a bit different. A touch of pearls and glitter.
For Shikin , she purposely chose black base and her color scheme is dark blue and purple. I kept on thinking Poison Ivy in my mind , you know the character in Batman film? . and I thought I wanted a combination a such similar to the color scheme . That's why the idea of glitters and pearls with dark and purple hydreangeas came into the picture.

For Zainal ,she chose dusty pink , yellow and peach roses , I just enhance the color with some greens and yellow tulip .Not to forget silver base . I'm glad they both love it!!

Ayu + Razif , Taman Melati

I know her for years , her relative is my bff , her mom is a great woman and I respect her . It was her big day . Started with chatting over Facebook till meeting up with Razif , her fiancee .

A lot of last minute changes for them . Such a lovely ceremony . For Razif I used cream soft pillow and fresh velvet red roses plus some silver leaves. There was a glliter flower added to it .

For Ayu I chose black base . I used artificial flowers. Quite a challenging to came out with this combinations. There were some purple and blue hydreangeas , pastel champange roses , dusty pink roses , greens , peach roses , cream pearls , finally they were put up into a bouquet for hantaran decorations.

Ayu , love the Estee Lauder make up set bag!!!!! =D

Remy+Suraya , Taman Melawati

They were both very humble , I felt so comfortable working with them , they even gave me an opportunity to explore my creativity in a sense not to boss me around just because they paid me. Thanks guys , really appreciate that.

Suraya was the one who approached me the other day when she saw my blog , we have agreed to use fresh flower red velvet roses , red carnations and I added up with some silver leaves. The arrangements I added some pearls to it to incorporate the glossy look.By using soft cream and french lace alas dulang to start of with.

For Remy's hantaran deco I chose cream fresh roses , champange eustoma , white baby breath and some tea leaves. We have actually changed our initial plan instead of using silver base , Suraya wanted a black base. For more contra look , she said.

And it was not a disappointment, they both love it. I am glad. If you scroll from my other client 's , there's a similarity , but of course different in their own unique way , after all it is my job to set all of my client's hantaran unique from each other =)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Wedding Corsage

It's a corsage i made for a friend . It's a cream roses with some greens....

Myra + Razi , Cheras

Such a sweet girl , called me to decor for her hantaran+ hand bouquet . She gave me this specific details of black base + cream flower for the groom . I used black base of french lace and fresh flowers of white eustoma plus craem roses . Not to forget some baby breath and tea leaves to start of with.

For herself i made the hantaran of cream pillow with pastel fresh flower . As usual , the usage of roses , eustoma , tea leaves , and baby breath were the main flowers for the decorations .

As for the hand bouquet , the usage of baby breath , soft pink , peaches roses and tea leaves are the main flowers for the arrangements .

Selamat Pengantin Baru , Myra+Razi ! =)

Yaya , Selayang

This hand bouquet was specially made for my in law's sister . Her engagement dress was a soft yellow with abit of gold touch. I arrange some peach + white roses , light green orchid , and some tea leaves .

Happy engagement day , girl !

25/11/2011 , Shah Alam

Dear Readers ,

Here are some of my latest hantaran decorations , let me share the usual flower specifications _ the groom i decorate with black+french lace and white+green artificial flower .

For bride I decorate with blue+cream fresh flowers , with cream pillow base . Both are using a little touch of pearls .

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Dear Readers ,

This is one of handbouquet on the special day , 11.11.11 , I am using lily  , and it's white . By the way , the girl model is my niece , borrowed from my sis , hehe .

Anyway , isn't she cute ? I have no model so far , she's the first one , =P

Mazlynda+Azhari , Keramat

Dear Readers ,

It's the date that everyone getting married for this year's waiting for . 11 November , 2011 , or better yet 11.11.11 . It's a beautiful date and i witness some of my own friends married on that day .

Lyn and Azhari came and booked the date for the hantaran decorations plus the main table setting . She even gave me all her theme color reference for my keep . "Just in case if you need it " , she said . And of course , it helped me a lot. Thanks so much Lyn .

For Lyn's hantaran to Azhari She wanted velvet fresh rose . I have to specifically ordered  months before just so that I have enough roses to use since the date is the most popular date . The base is off white and i added some pearls to it .

For Azhari , the flowers are more of purple , champange and pink colors with silver base . I was so busy the other day did't get a chance to take the pic =(  .

Anyway , for both Lyn and Azhari , Selamat Pengantin Baru , p/s : below handbouquet i made for her , picture is courtesy from her , thanks a lot !! isn't she lovely ? =D

Khussairi+Efa , Sabak Bernam

Dear Readers ,

It's a bold choice , I like her . She just know what she wants and she wanted me to interpret it to my design .She's the groom sister . I called her Kak Hanida . She said " Zana , I dunno how to do it but I know what I want for my brother's solemnization ceremony" ,still remember that phrase.

She chose artificial flower coz it is quiet far to transport the hantaran to Sabak Bernam . The combi for this one is orange roses , some peach , cream and greens . She wanted the design to be consistent , meaning every hantaran design are the same .

To Kak Nida , thanks for the mother's tip , hehe and Happy Newly Wed to Khussairi and Efa , the 11.11.11 date , =)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Afiq and Athirah , Shah Alam

Salam to all readers ,
Trying hard to figure out the best combi for this one. They wanted it to be simple but nice. Spend some times wandering around in the flower shop while thinking hard . Till i found the orchid. The design may look a bit different as she wanted it to be set apart from my other design. Minimal design but still preety.

Flower arrangements would be wild orange + yellow orchid , bright yellow roses , cream roses , and some silver leaf. For her hand bouquet the hydreangeas + off white green eustoma.

To Afiq and Athirah , I hope you like it , Selamat Pengantin Baru .=)