Shikin+Zainal , Desa Petaling

This is the last one for 2011 . And the best thing is she worked at my former working place . =D heheh. We didn't meet up till she pass me the hantaran item .Such a cute couple . Have a nice chat with them the other night.

Since both were using artificial flower , I wanted it to be a bit different. A touch of pearls and glitter.
For Shikin , she purposely chose black base and her color scheme is dark blue and purple. I kept on thinking Poison Ivy in my mind , you know the character in Batman film? . and I thought I wanted a combination a such similar to the color scheme . That's why the idea of glitters and pearls with dark and purple hydreangeas came into the picture.

For Zainal ,she chose dusty pink , yellow and peach roses , I just enhance the color with some greens and yellow tulip .Not to forget silver base . I'm glad they both love it!!

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