Friday, 30 December 2011

The Verdict , people !

With multiple jobs per month , more than 200 hantaran decorations , countless sleepless nights , colors of multiple themes , wedding bouquet , this is the end of 2011 .
Thanks Allah because I have fulfilled all of commitment and promises to all of my client. And I am terribly sorry if there's any of my design which did not meet any of the requirements . I am only human.

But hey , cut the story short , here's the testimonial for 2011!! =D

“Kak  Zana , cantik la”_Yanie +Eddiey
“tq kak , cantik sangat “_Nida
“Zana , tq for the hantaran , minimalist but elegant ! “ _Puan Noraida
Tq Zana , hantaran  tu cantik”_ Dr Fatimah
Cantik la kak Zana buat hantaran ni ! “ Aiza+Naza
Tq Zana ,  sweet”_Hanida
Everybody said it was beautiful, thank you” _Afiq+Athirah
Gorgeous!” _Mazlyn
Preety!!”_Nadiah Azmi
“Kami tak sangka cantik camni” _ Mazlyn+Azhari
Hand bouquet sangat cantik , terima kasih”_ Mazlyn
kak Zana!! Cantik sangat ! “_Ayu+Razif
“kak Zana , ramai yang puji cantik , thanks ye”_Remy+Suraya
Sweet ! Cantik ! “_Remy’s mom
“Zana !! Hantaran  kami cantik sangat !! puas hati ! “_Shikin+Zainal

Sooooo.... you still in the midst of considering? =D

Friday, 23 December 2011

Shikin+Zainal , Desa Petaling

This is the last one for 2011 . And the best thing is she worked at my former working place . =D heheh. We didn't meet up till she pass me the hantaran item .Such a cute couple . Have a nice chat with them the other night.

Since both were using artificial flower , I wanted it to be a bit different. A touch of pearls and glitter.
For Shikin , she purposely chose black base and her color scheme is dark blue and purple. I kept on thinking Poison Ivy in my mind , you know the character in Batman film? . and I thought I wanted a combination a such similar to the color scheme . That's why the idea of glitters and pearls with dark and purple hydreangeas came into the picture.

For Zainal ,she chose dusty pink , yellow and peach roses , I just enhance the color with some greens and yellow tulip .Not to forget silver base . I'm glad they both love it!!

Ayu + Razif , Taman Melati

I know her for years , her relative is my bff , her mom is a great woman and I respect her . It was her big day . Started with chatting over Facebook till meeting up with Razif , her fiancee .

A lot of last minute changes for them . Such a lovely ceremony . For Razif I used cream soft pillow and fresh velvet red roses plus some silver leaves. There was a glliter flower added to it .

For Ayu I chose black base . I used artificial flowers. Quite a challenging to came out with this combinations. There were some purple and blue hydreangeas , pastel champange roses , dusty pink roses , greens , peach roses , cream pearls , finally they were put up into a bouquet for hantaran decorations.

Ayu , love the Estee Lauder make up set bag!!!!! =D

Remy+Suraya , Taman Melawati

They were both very humble , I felt so comfortable working with them , they even gave me an opportunity to explore my creativity in a sense not to boss me around just because they paid me. Thanks guys , really appreciate that.

Suraya was the one who approached me the other day when she saw my blog , we have agreed to use fresh flower red velvet roses , red carnations and I added up with some silver leaves. The arrangements I added some pearls to it to incorporate the glossy look.By using soft cream and french lace alas dulang to start of with.

For Remy's hantaran deco I chose cream fresh roses , champange eustoma , white baby breath and some tea leaves. We have actually changed our initial plan instead of using silver base , Suraya wanted a black base. For more contra look , she said.

And it was not a disappointment, they both love it. I am glad. If you scroll from my other client 's , there's a similarity , but of course different in their own unique way , after all it is my job to set all of my client's hantaran unique from each other =)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Wedding Corsage

It's a corsage i made for a friend . It's a cream roses with some greens....

Myra + Razi , Cheras

Such a sweet girl , called me to decor for her hantaran+ hand bouquet . She gave me this specific details of black base + cream flower for the groom . I used black base of french lace and fresh flowers of white eustoma plus craem roses . Not to forget some baby breath and tea leaves to start of with.

For herself i made the hantaran of cream pillow with pastel fresh flower . As usual , the usage of roses , eustoma , tea leaves , and baby breath were the main flowers for the decorations .

As for the hand bouquet , the usage of baby breath , soft pink , peaches roses and tea leaves are the main flowers for the arrangements .

Selamat Pengantin Baru , Myra+Razi ! =)

Yaya , Selayang

This hand bouquet was specially made for my in law's sister . Her engagement dress was a soft yellow with abit of gold touch. I arrange some peach + white roses , light green orchid , and some tea leaves .

Happy engagement day , girl !

25/11/2011 , Shah Alam

Dear Readers ,

Here are some of my latest hantaran decorations , let me share the usual flower specifications _ the groom i decorate with black+french lace and white+green artificial flower .

For bride I decorate with blue+cream fresh flowers , with cream pillow base . Both are using a little touch of pearls .