The Verdict , people !

With multiple jobs per month , more than 200 hantaran decorations , countless sleepless nights , colors of multiple themes , wedding bouquet , this is the end of 2011 .
Thanks Allah because I have fulfilled all of commitment and promises to all of my client. And I am terribly sorry if there's any of my design which did not meet any of the requirements . I am only human.

But hey , cut the story short , here's the testimonial for 2011!! =D

“Kak  Zana , cantik la”_Yanie +Eddiey
“tq kak , cantik sangat “_Nida
“Zana , tq for the hantaran , minimalist but elegant ! “ _Puan Noraida
Tq Zana , hantaran  tu cantik”_ Dr Fatimah
Cantik la kak Zana buat hantaran ni ! “ Aiza+Naza
Tq Zana ,  sweet”_Hanida
Everybody said it was beautiful, thank you” _Afiq+Athirah
Gorgeous!” _Mazlyn
Preety!!”_Nadiah Azmi
“Kami tak sangka cantik camni” _ Mazlyn+Azhari
Hand bouquet sangat cantik , terima kasih”_ Mazlyn
kak Zana!! Cantik sangat ! “_Ayu+Razif
“kak Zana , ramai yang puji cantik , thanks ye”_Remy+Suraya
Sweet ! Cantik ! “_Remy’s mom
“Zana !! Hantaran  kami cantik sangat !! puas hati ! “_Shikin+Zainal

Sooooo.... you still in the midst of considering? =D

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