Sunday, 27 January 2013

White + Green

{Soft Green + Mint + White + Cream}

Intan Diyana | Concorde , Shah Alam
She said she can’t decide whether to use fresh or artificial flowers considering both decorations are preety . Her theme is for me sweet , neat , and classy .

“Zana , theme is white and green”, Intan said

She’s very friendly and trust my opinion for her decorations . And yes , her hantaran item … There’s manbag , (quite big , but Ridzuan gave this very good suggestion that I used straight away) , shirt and tie , watch as usual and also a mini golf set .. hehe soo cute !! . You see I was not worry about her other hantaran item which were the usual hantaran item that most people use but the mini golf was the one that I guard with my life ( a little dramatic , I shall say =P ) because the moment Iki my son looked at it he fell in love .. And of course if I did’t took care of it I will witness with my very own eyes that Iki will become a “professional golfer”.. I kept it save from his sight ….phew ..

Flower arrangements were made from ivory roses , mum , and soft green eustoma . I used cream round soft pillow and combinations of gold and silver case. There were champagne pearls to accompany the decorations . As for the handbouquet , it was not like my other usual round shape handbouquet , made from ivory roses , silver leaves and flower stalks . Congrats Intan and Ridzuan !


{Yellow + Beige + Cream + Soft Orange}

Dr Firdaus | Taman Melati

I can’t believe she ‘s my fan , hehehe . Super excited me , her daughter told me that she always visit my blog , thank you so very much Pn Aini , it’s my honor .. =)

She confirmed the hantaran decorations for her son , Dr Firdaus who is very busy considering his job ..
At first we agreed to use pink , red and cream as the color theme but we changed .

“So the theme color is soft yellow ,orange and cream”, said Pn Aini

We used artificial flowers but Pn Aini have booked me for Dr Firdaus’s wedding and use fresh flowers .Thanks!!! =D

Saturday, 26 January 2013



Khairul | Ampang

Sirih berlipat sirih pinang
Sirih dari Pulau Mutiara
Pemanis kata selamat datang
Awal Bismillah pembuka bicara

Assalamualaikum pembuka kata , pelengkap bicara , kali ini saya tampilkan sedikit kelainan , penggunaan bahasa ibunda ..

Bersesuaian dengan tema hantaran kali ini , tradisional .Agak sukar pada mulanya untuk menemui kain songket yang bersuaian dengan warna tema rona perak yang menjadi pilihan keluarga pengantin .

Namun begitu , akhirnya saya menemui fabrik kain untuk dijadikan alas hantaran dulang berwarna rona perak.Saya tampilkan penggunaan rona merah agar tampak lebih kontra dengan alas dulang berwarna perak. Dekorasi ringkas namun tampak elegen . Selamat pengantin baru buat Khairul =).
Sekian dahulu bicara kali ini , diharap agar dapat memberi informasi berguna kepada semua.

Idea Nukilan ,
Rozana | Shafarizan Ramly | Kakak Pengantin | Bos | my BFF =)

{Lavender + Soft Pink + Indigo + Cream}

Shuhada | Bangi

Dear readers  .. Months over emails , weeks before ceremony Shuhada came in to hand me the hantaran item , she’s such a sweet girl !! =) . We have chat over color sheme details and all while as usual , ( all the boys ) will sit and watch ..

“Theme would be pastel , soft pink , purple , cream” said Shuhada

We have agreed to use artificial flowers , soft purple hydreangas , soft indigo roses , and some cream roses , I used cream foam base .

{Dusk + Lavender + Soft Pink + Cream }

Fahrul | Tropicana Golf Resort

Assalamualaikum , dear readers .. It was a well planned event , and Arina contacted me thru email in regards to her fiancée (now is husband =) ) hantaran decorations . She planned months before the big day .

"Theme is pastel ,  combinations of purple , cream , and soft pink", said Arina .

Fahrul came during the hantaran item handover . Both of them are such a cute couple .. =)
The decorations are made of soft pink fresh roses , purple static , soft pink orchid , and some cream roses. Congratulations to both of you .. =)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yellow + Soft Pink

{Yellow Gerbera + Soft Pink + Soft Cream + White}

Shida | Perak
Love her style , bubbly style and cute , hehe . She called me for her hantaran décor and without asking much confirm straight away ..

She gave me full trust on how the color sheme , as she said there’s a lot of colors associated with her wedding , so she want to make it colorful ,

“For hantaran I decide to use soft yellow and soft pink”, said Shida

I used soft yellow , soft pink , some greens and cream . Made of artificial as she need to transport to Perak , congrats for the wed , girl =)

Soft Pink + White

{Pink + Soft Pink + White +Cream}

Fadhli | Kuala Lumpur
This is a usual part when you have a little brother to get marry .. and all preparations done by the sister , hehe . Same goes to me when my little brother got married before .
We discuss over email and Lyn , Fadhli’s sister who gave me ideas on how the hantaran for her brother .

“The theme is white , cream , and dusty pink”, said Lyn

The decorations are made of artificial flowers , am using orchid , white roses , and soft pink hydreangeas . There were champagne pearls accompanying the flowers .
Thank you so much Lyn for your kind understanding and corporations , no doubt it was not all perfect but Lyn the coolest sister that she is made my day with her compliment that I don’t think I deserve .. =)