White + Green

{Soft Green + Mint + White + Cream}

Intan Diyana | Concorde , Shah Alam
She said she can’t decide whether to use fresh or artificial flowers considering both decorations are preety . Her theme is for me sweet , neat , and classy .

“Zana , theme is white and green”, Intan said

She’s very friendly and trust my opinion for her decorations . And yes , her hantaran item … There’s manbag , (quite big , but Ridzuan gave this very good suggestion that I used straight away) , shirt and tie , watch as usual and also a mini golf set .. hehe soo cute !! . You see I was not worry about her other hantaran item which were the usual hantaran item that most people use but the mini golf was the one that I guard with my life ( a little dramatic , I shall say =P ) because the moment Iki my son looked at it he fell in love .. And of course if I did’t took care of it I will witness with my very own eyes that Iki will become a “professional golfer”.. I kept it save from his sight ….phew ..

Flower arrangements were made from ivory roses , mum , and soft green eustoma . I used cream round soft pillow and combinations of gold and silver case. There were champagne pearls to accompany the decorations . As for the handbouquet , it was not like my other usual round shape handbouquet , made from ivory roses , silver leaves and flower stalks . Congrats Intan and Ridzuan !


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