Khussairi+Efa , Sabak Bernam

Dear Readers ,

It's a bold choice , I like her . She just know what she wants and she wanted me to interpret it to my design .She's the groom sister . I called her Kak Hanida . She said " Zana , I dunno how to do it but I know what I want for my brother's solemnization ceremony" ,still remember that phrase.

She chose artificial flower coz it is quiet far to transport the hantaran to Sabak Bernam . The combi for this one is orange roses , some peach , cream and greens . She wanted the design to be consistent , meaning every hantaran design are the same .

To Kak Nida , thanks for the mother's tip , hehe and Happy Newly Wed to Khussairi and Efa , the 11.11.11 date , =)


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