Tiffany Green & Peach

{Tiffany Green + Mint+Lemon+Beige}

Salina | Serendah

Dearest readers ..
Weather is so hot , forces us to stay at home instead and surf the internet . Unfortunately the internet is so slow make me want to throw my broadband on the floor .. (couldn't do it ..)

So.. I wait like other people do patiently for it to be okay again for me to post this blog post .. =)
She was the first one with tiffany green color theme. It took me a while to google and saw this beautiful  color hue . It came to my mind that I can't find the artificial flowers with the color theme. So I said , maybe the hantaran base would be tiffany green instead since fabric was more easy to find .

When I went to my florist the other day and I saw this beautiful greenish like roses and I asked the owner what color is this and he said " You did'nt know ? It's the in color now , tiffany green",

I bought the flowers right away and can't wait to match them with other color . So that's my story with tiffany green , thanks Salina , you tought me what is tiffany green . I posted also her beautiful wedding dress.

For her hubby there were peach and cream with silver base. She just love it .. thanks =}


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