{Epal + Mint+White}
Adli | Selayang 

Dear readers , the weather nowadays is not healthy . I had cough few days ago and it still there , doesn't feel comfortable =( .
Okay , enough about me , hehe . Lets concentrate about my next client , shall we? His mother came to stop by and pay me the booking deposit after morning jogging , we chat over SMS and the hantaran item was passed to me weeks before the akad nikah ceremony.

There was also handbouquet made from dip flowers , Puan gave to me and asked if I can made a handbouquet for the bride . The colors were soft pink , shocking pink and some greens . I used artificial flower to incorporate with the dip flowers . 

The requirement is to use fresh flowers . There were ivory roses , some white eustoma , green cymbidium orchid , and some imported greens .. the color scheme is green and white . Congratulations  Adli =)


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