{Cream +Off white + Green+ White Fence + Pearls}

Liza Melati , Putrajaya
Haaa…. I love this one.. Simplicity is perfect , or shall I say less is more .. That’s Liza’s words when we met the other day . The name is Liza Melati.. such a beautiful name . If I have a daughter I would name her after a flower name .. =)
She came with her fiancée to pass me the hantaran item which supposed to be from groom to bride .
“The theme is white , Zana . So we wanted all to be white “, Liza said
Most of Liza’s hantaran item were dark color . herefore they stand out using white flowers. These fresh flower hantaran were made of ivory roses , white lilies , off white mum , and not to forget cymbidium orchid. I enjoyed decorating her hantaran on the other day , hehehe
For Liza’s nikah hand bouquet the theme color was blue , shocking pink and red . There was blue mum , red roses and the other flower which I did’nt know the name =P …


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