Purple + Blue

{Pale Blue + Sky + Cream + White}

{Purple+Soft Purple+Pink+Cream+Green}

Ira Bohari | Kuala Lumpur
Ira and her fiancée came on the other day to hand me the hantaran item . And one of them is a badminton racket … Her fiancee said he wanted to challenge my design a bit , hehe . I really hope that I won’t disappoint them =) on that day..

“ kak, color scheme is purple and blue”, said Ira

There were 16 dulang consist of shoe , chocolate and others . The design were different a bit as I used purple with pink tulip ,the purple hydreangeas were using grey base while blue flowers were using cream soft pillow base , of artificial flowers .

They engage me for their wedding next year , thanks guys =) . Congrats for the engagement =)


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