Purple + Cream

{Soft Purple + Lavender+ Pink + Soft Green + Cream}
Nadya , Terengganu, 

“Akk dah lama x update blog ke “, her words to me when we met the other day . Gulp . To tell the truth I urm .. crying for extra time , with client’s hantaran , magazine ‘s photoshoot , new client’s booking , Iki , my husband,, and the list goes on.

But let’s put aside shall we? This is Nadya and Edzat’s post . Well , she SMS me for quotation (as usual) , I gave the quotation as per we have agreed upon (also as usual) ,
But … her hantaran item is not as per usual . At least for me . Edzat want me to décor the Sony Playstation consol as hantaran .. huhuhu

The moment I saw the red Sony joystick from the plastic bag (Edzat’s hantaran item) remembering the words to my brother when he begged me to put his XBox consol for his hantaran , I said “dream on”,
There were 13 dulang altogether . Nadya wanted to transport to Terengganu so she chose artificial flower made of purple hydreangas , pink hydreangas , cream orchid and roses , and cream lilies.

To both of you such a cute couple , Selamat Pengantin Baru 

The vid is a courtesy from Nurfaq Movie Entertainment , if pics represent thousands of words , imagine what vids can do ? hehe
p/s : I paste from our what’s app
“Waaaaaaaahhhhhh cantik sgt akak !!!!”
Sy ske sgt
Terharu =)


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