Purple + Cream

{Plum  +Lavender + Pink  + White+Green Orchid}
Liyana Datuk Amer Hamzah , Bangi
She came back, from her engagement hantaran last March. Alhamdulillah, it means she satisfied with my last hantaran design =) . This time we discuss the requirement at her workplace. The color scheme is purple and cream .
-Since last design we have used all possible color scheme, this time around we just use 2 color scheme, purple and cream - Liyana
There were 11 dulang altogether, perfume , manbag , and watch are some of the item for these hantaran. We have agreed to use artificial flowers. It lasts, no maintenance needed, the beauty stands on its own =). I used 2 tones of hydrangeas, cream roses, dark purple roses , lily (ha , this is the second time I used lily since Dr Juliahana , ) and off white with purple orchid. A touch of orchid create traditional look for these hantaran.

There were 2 hand bouquets for each event. For her own reception I used purple roses , carnations , champagne roses with baby breath . For her hubby’s I used champagne roses , peach rises , off white baby carnation , and green orchid.Enjoy your view , =)


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