Purple & Cream | Green& Black

{Dark Ivy +Grape +Lavender +Magnolia + Cream }

{Black + Teal Green + Sea Glass + Khaki + Cream }
Syamilla | Safwan , Ipoh
Assalamualaikum , dear readers =) . We have planned this about few months back where she came and wanted to see my hantaran decorations.After some color scheme changes finally they both agreed to use the color scheme that I find them compliment to each other =) .

“ Kak Zana , color scheme would be purple/cream for me and green / cream for him “, said Ila

There were 13 dulang altogether , I love her Zara heels =D . For flower choice , for Ila I used lilac roses , some lavender roses , to match with cream soft pillow . For Safwan I used green lily , off white roses , with black base . These hantaran were made of artificial flowers since they wanted to transport them to Ipoh . =)


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