Red + Black , Blue + Cream

{Velvet + Plum+Dark Green + Black + Cream }

{Turqoise + Green + Soft Green + Cream + Apple Green}
Puteri + Hafizi , Klang
Assalamualaikum , dear readers , selamat berpuasa =) . Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner and I believe that you have all prepared for the sacred and blessed day , Aidilfitri. Same as me , preparations as early as last month (my son’s clothes) =) .
Puteri has a bold choice . Red against black is a very bold choice , for me. We used black as a base against velvet red roses.

“For Hafizi , let’s use turquoise blue with cream base”, She said

There were 12 dulang , for engagements most of the hantaran item are going to be used during wedding. The hantaran are using artificial flowers , velvet red roses over glossy white pearls . For Hafizi there were blue hydreangeas , white roses and of course white pearls . Feels like my design are jelled with pearls . They make my flowers glows =) .

The engagement took place in Klang . It’s my honor that some of my customers (mostly !) came from quite far from Gombak . I am so appreciate that =) . Thanks again , you guys are the reason why I stay up at night and wake up very early to give you the very best of me =).


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