Super Excited !!

Assalamualaikum ,
Dearest readers , alhamdulillah , we've been featured again in August Pesona Pengantin megazine ! . So excited for this one . Why ? Because this time we've been featured as another column , DIY .
=D (my big smile face) , hehe

For those who have own ideas and want to design your own hantaran / hand bouquet , Pesona Pengantin have a special column called DIY and you may follow simple instruction . Before you know it , your hantaran / hand bouquet are ready !!  .

This time we 've been featured to show some DIY on how to decor fresh flower hantaran and there's some hand bouquet for your little ones too .. Of course the flower girl may want some flowers to hold , =D. so sory for the pic quality as i took from my hp =P .


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