Yellow + Cream , Olive Green + Black

{lily pad+light olive+lettuce+yellow magnolia+endive}

 {caper berry+salvia+bonsai+lily pad+aurora borealis}
Fatin+Shahrul ,  Bdr Sri Damansara
Dear readers,
She text me and we met last year. They were both already made their choice of color scheme the moment we met. After a few considerations and some discussions , below are the details of hantaran for this lovely couple.

“It was my dad’s choice _ olive green and black” , said Fatin .

For Shahrul , the theme is soft yellow and cream….

It took me a whole of at least three weeks to find the materials . They both chose artificial flower except for the sireh junjung. Let start with Fatin , there was dark green hydrangeas, cream roses , olive green orchid , white roses as well as some green leaves . The base was of course as requested by the father of the bride _ black. I added some cream pearls to enhance the color of the flowers.

For Shahrul , there was yellow roses , cream hydrangeas , some cream roses , and green roses. Since Fatin was using black base , I chose cream soft pillow base for contra look . Love the telekung … I folded the telekung to emphasize the beautiful lace details..

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