Peach + Silver , Purple + Cream

{Soft Pink + Peach +Cream +White}

{Lilac + Purple + Cream + Green}

Ruhaida | Shah Alam 

Assalamualaikum , dear readers ...

It's been a while i did not update this blog , hehhe ... there's a lot of plan in mind , execution , and others ..
I prefer to call her Aida , we met only once but other arrangement was made by her sister in law , and she's my neighbour , hehhehe

Everything went smoothly because I can assist to transport over ( very near , heheh)

Aida want purple as her main theme color . We had a discussion on the details of hantaran , and I suggested that we use peach and silver for her husband 's side .

We used artificial flowers made of cream hydreangeas (I guess it is my favourite flowers , hehe) , roses , and crysanthimum flowers , colors are peach , cream , with silver base .

For Aida 's hantaran there were soft purple roses , cream roses , and hydreangeas ...


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