Purple + Gold

{Purple + Cream}

Ida Azima | Damansara

She knows what she want . She even gave me pictures of her theme color as reference and they really assist me a lot , thanks girl !! =)

“Hantaran theme is purple and gold , you can add cream”, said Ida

Hantaran flowers were made of artificial purple and cream roses . And I said , “would you like to add other type of flowers ?”, she said “No” .. It’s a bold choice , keep it simple and clean , hehe
For her handbouquet , there were three actually , purple and cream , chocolate and beige and there was red and black ( which I did’nt manage to snap pic , huhuhu sory ) . But I let you judge yourselves on the rest , for me her bold choice made them all jived with her wedding theme ..

p/s .. yea !! i managed to get the pic from Ida , thanks!! and to her pro photog as well {Love Undefined}... =D


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