{Red + Purple + Soft Green + White}

{Soft Pink + Yellow + Mint + Grey}
Zarina | NurZali ,Seremban

Assalamualaikum , dear readers ,

My laptop keyboard is waiting for the next word that I was going to type in. And
there’s no word …

Okay , cut the chase , let’s talk about Zarina , shall we? The moment I typed in the quotation receipt to email her I read the text twice, for groom, red, purple, and green … and for the bride is yellow, orange and peach.. love her choice of colors , different and classy to me =)

All of those primer color that usually I use with other secondary color to jive in .But of course , year 2013 is not a year where you use all matching color , rite ? Even myself to work I use navy blue blouse with bright pink scarves ..hehe The flowers used were artificial roses , ivory hydreangeas , tulips and peonies.

“Akk , the rest of design specs I leave it to you”, said Zarina

Not to mentioned her hand bouquet , there were two , one of them were made of red and the other one is cream and champagne .


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