Purple , Cream & Lavender

{Burgundy + Lavender + Grass + Cream + White}

Farah Nadia | Taman Melawati

It's almost a month since I did not update this blog , right after my daughter was born , I've been through some recovery and few weeks after that I was diagnosed with some severe infection and have to undergo an operation .. I have to recover and there's few hantaran decorations which I could not able to do .Okay enough of me , lets talk about her shall we? =)

Well , if you recognise her wedding was featured somewhere last few months in Raikan Cinta , Astro Ria. These pictures are courtesy from her and she told me how she loves the hantaran which I decorate for her .

The theme wedding colour is purple . Since the wedding decor used pastel purple she wanted her hantaran to have a touch of dark purple . Flowers used were both fresh and artificial made of soft purple roses , dark roses , english roses , white mum , and cream cymbidium orchid .

Enjoy the pics ! =D


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