Soft Pink & Peach

{Cream + Peach + Soft Pink + Pink}

Soufiah | Petaling Jaya

She was introduced by my customer , Liyana . I guess they are best friend and I have to thank Liyana for introducing me to Soufiah . =)

Soufiah's requirement was easy but she want them to be all preety and neat . She also worked at my current working place now only different entity , hehe . Such a small world.

The flowers used were combinations of artificial and fresh flowers . There were hydreangeas , roses , english roses and cymbidium orchid. 

The base used is cream soft pillow . I guess there's a lot of my customer used these soft pillow , maybe it looks classic and a bit traditional . In my opinion no matter how much we want create modern look in our wedding but we can't forget about injecting some traditional design . After all it is Malay wedding with our own signature culture , =)

Oh , not to forget handbouquet for her reception . Flowers used were soft fresh purple roses , champagne roses , static , and white carnations .


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