Blue + Cream

{Green + Teal Blue + Soft Blue + Cream + White}
Shukri | Terengganu 

There are times when you admire certain person and wish you could be her one day . That’s how I feels bout Shukri’s mom .The mother 's responsibility in ensuring her child's big day is a success and to handle so many things at the same time , it's a miracle to me .Maybe i can feel it because i'm a mom too , hehe. I called her Puan and sometimes she asked me to call her Ummi , =) .

This is her son’s big day , Shukri . he emailed me the enquiries about the hantaran and Ummi is the one who follow up and give me the specific details of how the hantaran is going to be ,it really help me a lot , thank you Puan =) .
“Zana , we choose blue and cream as our theme color”, said Shukri

The usage of artificial flowers are a good choice as Shukri is travelling to Johor . There were cream hydreangeas , ivory roses , soft blue roses , blue hydreangeas and some greens with the add of cream pearls.



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