Fresh Flower Hantaran

Dear Readers ,

Below are 3 reasons why we love fresh flowers hantaran deco :

  1. Everybody love originality , (me too) .Flower is God's one of the most beautiful creations on earth, no matter how you try to create an artificial flower , fresh ones always stands on it's own class.
  2. Fresh flower tends to give your hantaran deco more softness on its own. It looks more traditional as it blends with your hantaran items.
  3. Roses (especially) smell very good , for fresh flower , the sense of original flower . Means no need to spray any perfume just to make your flower deco smells nice =) . 
Below are also 3 reason we not favor fresh flowers hantaran deco :

  1. Mahal .
  2. You can't deco the flowers two weeks before .(or your flower may look like kangkung layu dlm freezer). You have to decorate it at the latest morning before the ceremony .
  3. Only limited type of flowers available in local market . No lavender, no hydrangeas , maybe got but on sale with an expensive price , if you are unlucky , the florist might charge the price in your bill . 
So , decision is on you readers , =)


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